Etain & Geoff // The Caves, Edinburgh

When Northern Ireland couple, Etain and Geoff told us that their wedding was taking place deep in the heart of Edinburgh at ‘The Caves’ venue, we knew straight away that we were in for both a photographic treat and challenge!
This historic, underground venue is widely known for its extreme low-light conditions, however it is these unique conditions that create the intimate, personal and warm atmosphere that is second-to-none in Edinburgh!
With Geoff being a fan of comic book artwork and illustrations, Etain designed personalized table decorations and seating plans featuring some of his favourite DC Comics and Marvel super heroes.
Not only did Etain look absolutely gorgeous on their special day but Geoff put a twist on traditional Groom attire with colourful Dr. Marten Jeffery boots, a pink jacket and a Marvel Comics belt.
Also, The Caves doubling as a live music venue meant amazing acoustics that along with some fantastic music made sure that the dance floor was in full swing deep into the night!