Hi Guys! Hopefully everyone has had the opportunity to make the most of this beautiful weather in Scotland!

      I know its been a little quiet around here lately but I can assure you it hasn’t been due to any sort of laziness but instead a long-awaited holiday ‘Down-under’.
      Things are back in full swing now and we can’t wait to share some beautiful summer weddings that are just around the corner but to kick things off again we thought we would share a few snaps from our recent trip to Australia.


      Awesome moments captured! Great photos! Like!
      What camera and lens were used if it is not a secret?
      Greetings from Russia)

      Yes! Really beautiful pictures indeed, but jut can’t stop thinking about that what camera is this?! 🙂 Regards, a.

      Gorgeous images! I love the nightime ones especially.

      Every single picture speaking itself.. Priceless moments.

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      I love your pictures so much…

      Fabulous!!!! I love the night shots of Sydney Opera House!