Rewind back a couple of months earlier when Robby contacted us through Facebook and filled us in on his plan to propose to Marina in Scotland, we knew straight away that we were going to be a part of something very special.
      This lovely French couple had together organized a romantic weekend in Edinburgh however what Marina didn’t know (until 10 minutes before we met) was that Robby had also arranged a surprise photo-shoot at one of the most picturesque locations in Scotland… Glencoe.
      …And it doesn’t end there! Unbeknown to Marina, Robby had also long-planned for the Scottish highlands to be the very place that he was going to make his marriage proposal!
      You’ll have to scroll down to find out what happened next but we can truly say that we spent the entire day in the Scottish highlands with two of the most genuine and lovely people that we can now call our friends. Oh, and they’re pretty talented wedding photographers too! (Capyture Photography)
      Congratulations Robby and Marina, we feel very fortunate to have been a part of your story and we can’t wait to meet again soon.




      Amazing work ! I just love each and every one.

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      ….. l’un des plus beau reportage qu’il m’ai été donné de voir…. j’ai ri (le gif animé), j’ai versé ma larme avec Marina, j’ai eu beaucoup de frissons, ce reportage, le cadre, les plans, tout est absolument sublime… intime, sensible, émouvant, précieux. Très beau travail les Kitchener, très très beau travail.

      Jean-Laurent GAUDY

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