If there’s one thing we’re grateful for it’s couples that are a just as enthusiastic/crazy as we are when it comes to ‘getting the photos’ no matter what, rain, hail or shine!

      It doesn’t really happen often to us but this particular day was super-dark, cold, cloudy and seriously, seriously WET!  That totally didn’t matter though because instead of shying away, Daphne and Jack chose to embrace what nature had thrown our way that day and make the most of it.

      We got to share the Highlands with two of the most genuinely positive people we’ve met and even spent the 2-hour journey home analysing the intricacies of the English language together! Good times!

      UK wedding photographer_0692UK wedding photographer_0672


      lovely as always!

      Lindo lindo muito lindo! Sou admirador de vocês! Sou do Brasil, mas sou fã de coração! Deus abençoe cada dia mais!