Hey Guys! It’s that time of the year again when we take a bit of a look back on all the amazing stories, moments and experiences we had the pleasure of being a part of in the past year.

      For us, 2014 will be largely remembered for the amazing people we’ve met and the new friendships that have blossomed as a result. We feel very fortunate to be able to cross paths with so many lovely couples who have opened up their hearts to us and allowed us to experience places and meet people we would never have normally had the opportunity to see and meet if we weren’t photographing weddings.

      We had the priviledge of capturing many wonderful weddings, elopements and stories in Iceland and around the UK including Suffolk, Lunday Island, Northern Ireland, Brighton and The Isle of Skye. Our car has taken a battering having driven over 12000 miles throughout the Scottish Highlands and beyond.  Just when we feel like we’ve seen all that Scotland has to offer, we realise that there is so much more landscape to be exlplored and we’ve made it our own personal goal to visit more new and unique places this year.

      We witnessed not 1, but 2 marriage proposals in the Scottish Highlands, captured a cliff-side vow renewal in Ireland of two of the most amazing people we can now proudly call our friends and hosted 2 workshops with a super-talented group of people from around the UK and overseas.

      Lastly, we want to send out a HUGE thank-you to all of our wonderfull couples this year, our friends in the wedding photography community and to everyone in the online community for their lovely messages and continued kindness and support.

      We’re incredibly grateful for everything that has come our way in the past year and we both seriously can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!



      Scotland Wedding Photographer


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      We are so glad that you both entered our lives last year Robby and we wish you a bloody awesome 2015! Cant wait to see you again soon!

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      Thank-you Laura! Wishing you an awesome 2015.

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      Thank-you so much Kate and Sean! Meeting you both in Scotland and joining you in Ireland was an absolute highlight of the year. We really hope to see you both again soon! Lots of love. xxxx

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