Crete, Greece // A mixture of digital and film photography.

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  • What a wonderful place! I hope someday you come to photograph in Brasil *-*

  • Lisa said:

    I really love your way to see the world!
    Thans for sharing your vision.

  • Guy said:

    Thanks for the travel!

  • Louie said:

    Visual feast - such a great set guys

  • Putrha said:

    Ale ten świat mały. Znam dokładnie tę miejscowość na Krecie (Bali). To tam zaręczyłem się z moją żoną Cudowne mjeisce na ślub. Zdjęcia piękne.

  • WOW you guys were literally in my back yard...!
    I live and work here in Chania Crete.
    I enjoyed your visual perspective of the island.

    Make sure to contact next time in town..!

  • Robbie Fry said:

    Great !