Wow! We’re absolutely blown away and honoured to have been named as one of the “30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2015” by Rangefinder Magazine.

      Our journey so far with photography has had a profound influence on us as human beings and has helped shape us as people.  Not a day goes past that we’re not grateful for all the opportunities, experiences and the beautiful souls that we’ve shared experiences with over the last 4 years.

      Seeing our name included amongst so many artists that we hugely respect and admire is humbling.

      A big thank-you to Rangefinder magazine, our families and friends who continuously support us, the amazing wedding industry which we’re proud to be a part of and most of all our amazing couples for trusting us and letting us into their lives.

      We love you all.

      Rangefinder 2015 the kitcheners








      You are not rising star. You are STARS! 🙂

      This is most well deserved, congratulations!

      You do the most beautiful work I have ever seen. Amazing.

      Oh * WOW · Congratulations!!!
      YOU DESERVE it ♡ My Best · Isabel

      Woo so happy for you guys!