2015. A year of new friends, new adventures, new opportunities and to top it all off we were humbled to be awarded with something pretty darn cool at the end of it all.

      Our cameras took us to some pretty amazing places around the UK and Europe this year but for us these places will always be associated with the people we met there and the stories that unfolded. Wherever we travel, people are always at the heart of what we do, and more and more we are noticing our focus gravitating further inwards rather than outwards. Yes, we love a breathtaking backdrop but it becomes even more beautiful and alive when the human connection of two people is immortalized at the centre of it.

      Looking ahead to 2016, we’ll be focusing even more on people and their stories and spending a whole bunch of time closer to home, documenting weddings and elopements around Scotland and the UK. At the same time we’re also looking forward to capturing new adventures in long list of exciting destinations around Europe, Australia and Asia.

      Every year we set ourselves new goals to make sure we keep pushing ourselves forward creatively and for 2016 we’re looking forward to bringing some personal projects to life, as well as continuing to push ourselves further as photographers.

      Over the next few weeks we’ll also be working on refreshing our workshops for 2016 and we hope to announce some dates sometime soon.

      We want to finish up by saying thank you x10000 to all of our amazing clienst and friends this year. None of what we do is possible without you and we’re forever grateful to have met and spent time with so many genuine, kind and beautiful people. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

      Anyway, enough talking. Here are some of our favourite moments of the year that was 2015. (Warning: it’s pretty long!)


      Scotland Wedding Photographer - The Kitcheners_0341Iceland wedding photographer_0210Scotland Wedding Photographer - The Kitcheners_0348Scotland Wedding Photographer - The Kitcheners_0347Scotland Wedding Photographer - The Kitcheners_0339Scotland Wedding Photographer - The Kitcheners_0336Scotland Wedding Photographer - The Kitcheners_0338Scotland Wedding Photographer - The Kitcheners_0340Scotland Wedding Photographer - The Kitcheners_0345Scotland Wedding Photographer - The Kitcheners_0003Iceland elopement photographer_0224Scotland Wedding Photographer - The Kitcheners_0346Scotland Wedding Photographer - The Kitcheners_0343

      Karolina Paraschidis

      Absolutely amazing photos! Love every single one of them!

      Beautiful work from a pretty damn cool 2015. I’ll be looking out for more of the same in 2016. x

      And what a 2015 you’ve had, well done Joanna + Dylan magical work guys and we’re so glad we got to meet you both.

      Absolutely beautiful guys 🙂

      Just perfect. Lovely lighting and lots of soul!

      amazing 2015 review. top notch pictures!

      Your work is so beautiful, so talented. Your vision of the couple and the wedding is poetic, powerfull. You know how to emphasize people, couples and nature. With all my admiration.

      Oh my word!! Ridiculously beautiful. Thanks for sharing x

      I couldn’t get enough. Happy 2016 to you!

      I have no words to describe the dynamism of each image…..more than weddings, more than photographers…..simply emotions <3 thank you for your work!

      These are incredible guys, can’t wait to see another year!

      Incredible set guys, amazing work! Love every frame! Have an awesome 2016!

      Utterly breathtaking work. Such emotive and beautiful images that I never tire of looking at. Gorgeous.

      Every frame is stunning, love your work guys x