7 days in Beijing

Last November we spent 7 days in Beijing together and it turned out to be one of those crazy and inspiring trips that we still think about to this day.

After a busy wedding season we initially promised ourselves to put the cameras down for bit and take it easy but I guess the photographer inside us won and we ended up endlessly rumbling the bustling streets of Beijing until our feet were sore from blisters (note to self: wear more comfortable shoes).

Here are a few of our favorite snapshots.

Beijing street photography_0144

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  • Diana said:

    So important to take time to do something different and explore other shores. Reminds me so much of our trip to Nepal (less the snow). Yes, it's all about the shoes, isn't it? :)

  • Alberto said:

    Espectaculares imagenes ¿Qué paquete de VSCO has usado en la edicion?

  • Alberto said:

    Spectacular images have which VSCO package ever used on the issue?

  • Yann M said:

    Ive lived there for a year and this is exactly what I remember from this country which is always changing and evolving ... Must have been a hell of a journey !

  • great post! those photos makes me wanna go back to China. such an incredible country. so different, so inspiring ...

  • I am your fan in Chongqing, China.
    Very much like your photo
    Every photo contains feelings
    Accidentally discover your blog on the Pinterest website
    I only know little English
    Give you the message is through the Baidu online translation
    You are welcome to visit Chongqing, China
    If you will come to Chongqing, please contact me, my dream is to ask you to give me and my husband to take pictures, of course, is to pay the money☺
    Expect to look forward to ah

    • 向北 said: