Something a little different…

      Iceland isn’t always dark, ominous and gloomy you know! Every once and a while the sun does shine and that’s exactly the kind of day Emily and Chase got when they said their ‘I do’s’ in front of their closest friends in one of the most stunning parts of Iceland.

      We travel a fair bit to Iceland for weddings and elopements but this was the first time we’d been ‘up North’ so it was really cool to be able to have the opportunity to document a story in a landscape that was completely new and unfamiliar to us.

      If you ever want to have the sensation of feeling like you’re on a totally different planet then this pastel coloured, geo-thermal landscape is the place to be! Totally awesome stuff.

      It was seriously a pleasure going on an adventure with this super, super-lovely couple and their amazing friends and it’s a day that we’ll never forget.

      Iceland elopement_0165Iceland elopement_0168Iceland elopement_0160Iceland elopement_0096Iceland elopement_0172Iceland elopement_0171Iceland elopement_0173Iceland elopement_0174


      Such a pleasure and inspiration to visit your blog. Each photograph is real art. I’m such a big fan.

      It’s really a weird pLace,.,,. Seems another planet as you’ve told. AMAzing colours and mood, with these magnificient white clouds.

      I’m also very impressed of the house, open to the field with its gigant windows.. and at the same time looks so cozy and familiar.

      Well, just a stunning witness of so much love and exceptionaL whole

      Absolutely stunning pics!
      I love this unusual setting and colour tones!! Iceland is defnitely magic… Keep up the good work 🙂

      Julian Gyula Zacsfalvi

      Just unbelievable and refreshing set from Iceland!
      I love the tones!

      This is truly inspiriational ! It’s now clear Iceland is not only green and black. Fantastic shoot and epic story you’ve documented ! ✔️

      Amazing! You guys are the best =)

      Wow! Amazing! I love it. Good work! You are such an inspiration! ❤