wedding in transylvania

      Put the kettle on because the story of this romantic wedding in Transylvania is a long one!  Last month I was able to cross one item off on the bucket list when I was given the opportunity to travel to Transylvania, Romania.  Transylvania had been one of those places that you grow up hearing about in books and movies and to be able to finally visit this amazing part of the world and document a love story there was pretty much a dream come true!

      Before you travel to a new country for the first time you try and imagine how it will be and I can easily say that Romania blew all of my expectations out of the water.  The incredibly friendly people, the culture, the food and the sheer beauty of the landscape was an experience I hope to re-live again in the future.

      Kinga and Radu’s (a super-talented wedding photographer from Romania) wedding day took place on a perfect summer’s day, deep in the beautiful Romanian countryside.  One of the most moving parts of the morning was when Kinga and Radu exchanged gifts (without seeing one another) before the ceremony.  It was a beautiful moment to witness and it became very clear that these guys shared a very special connection together.

      After an emotional ceremony in a lovely wee village church everyone spent a totally chill afternoon eating, laughing and relaxing outside and an epic pyrotechnics show ended the evening.

      The following day we drove towards the Transylvanian mountains with no idea of what an unforgettable experience we were in for.  After an afternoon of shooting in the forest and rivers it was literally a race against time to make it to an elevated spot before the sun descended behind the mountains.  Being there in that moment as the light disappeared and the fog quickly moved in was an experience I’ll always remember

      It was an honour documenting Kinga and Radu’s wedding in Transylvania and I’m grateful for all their hospitality and kindness.  They really took care of me and made the stay so enjoyable.  Lastly I want to thank my talented and dearest friend, Robby Capy from Capyture Photography for joining me on this adventure.

      Hope you enjoy this story from Romania.

      Wedding In Transylvania Day 1

      Post-wedding Photos in Transylvania

      Dress – Romana G Urmanczy Couture
      Video – Film 3221
      Hair – Anah Rotaru
      Second Shooter – Capyture Photography


      Emotional at every pic. Speechless.

      thank you for sharing these beautiful photos
      I am getting married in Romania in 9 months and I’m looking for a location in Transylvania similar to this one. can you share the details plz?

      Awesome pictures, love the colors and the light! Congratulations!

      Love the story and how you show this small part of Transylvania!

      C’est tellement beau !! ça m’inspire tellement… Cela me donne un but à atteindre 🙂

      This just completely blew my mind! Loved everysingle image, the tones, the compositions, the couple, the emotions, the location! Absolutely spectacular!

      Wow!!! Guys, this is absolutely breathtaking! Fantastic written all over it! Such a beautiful wedding beautifully told! Love, Gxxx

      Absolutely amazing work!

      I found you guys on from the WUN awards, this wedding coverage is amazing! I think they did a great job of giving you the title of the Europe’s wedding photographer 2017 😉

      Beautiful work. Love the consistent edit and feel to both days.

      No wonder this wedding and this couple and this location made a lasting impression. Utterly amazing! And you did an incredible job as always!

      It’s like a dream! Stunning. Simply perfection.

      Wow! Wonderful!
      Bravo Dylan!

      INSANE. I’ve been holding my breath looking at these images – I can’t get over how beautiful this is. Probably the most epic wedding and romance shoot I’ve ever seen! Once again, the Kitcheners rule. Thanks for showing us how it’s done and doing it with grace.

      These are unreal! Thanks.

      Probably the most beautiful wedding I have seen all year. Amazing job. Romania is so beautiful, took me back to our time there. Perfectly captured!

      If this isn’t the weeding goal I don’t know what it is.
      Great shots and great location.

      This is the most stunning shoot I’ve ever seen. I loved every image, the feeling you captured of the intimacy and sheer pleasure these two had on their wedding day. And then the the breathtaking landscape combined with such beautiful, old world details…it was perfect.

      Breathtaking …and speechless.

      Beautiful work guys. Absolutely in love.

      WOOOW! Just WOOOW!

      This shots you can only see in movies. Excellent work!

      @R&K: You are so beautiful! You can notice from miles away your authentic love! May you always rejoice with one another!

      These photos are such an inspiration! Overwhelming.

      Wow this light is truly amazing. I love this work

      WOW. I am speechless. I am so partial to our wedding, of course, but this one is outrageous!! I’m in awe. Well done!! 🙂 (like seriously, I can’t get over it.)

      This is overwhelmingly good. It was actually hard for me to process as I was scrolling through it because there is almost too much goodness here. Incredible work. It’s so good it’s on the verge of being discouraging, but I’m going to view it as inspiring instead! Thanks for sharing and for your hard work.

      AMAZING!!!such a beautfil memory! We are in love with this couple and the place! Congratulations guys 🙂

      Absolutely insane. Just wanted to say that it’s been a breath of fresh air discovering you guys — I grew so tired of looking at websites/blogs but looking through this entire post was worth every minute. Thanks for inspiring me to push harder. xo

      OMG OMG OMG!!! This is just perfect in every kind of aspect! I’m totally in love with your storytelling, the colors, the couple and the emotion you’ve captured! <3

      Thank you so very much Kevin! 🙂

      i’m totally in love with this post!
      Amazing work

      What???….. I’m speechless… absolutely amazing images.

      These are soooooo damn beautiful <3

      Absolutely breathtaking. Some of the best shots I’ve ever seen. Amazing quality and work.

      Thank you for your kind words Sarah!

      Wow amazing work!! Congratulations! i love it!

      Such atmosphere and emotion! Amazing captures. Loved every image.

      Congrats Radu & Kinga !!! You had an amazing wedding and the photos are very beautiful 🙂

      They’re beautiful people inside and out! 🙂

      Seriously unreal. Killing it everytime!

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      Soooo beautiful! Guys…we are speechless ! Congrats 🙂

      Thanks so much guys! Really hope to meet you again (with Joanna this time) and please let us know if you’re ever in Scotland!

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      Thank you Hope! Hope you guys are well! x