So this surprise engagement photoshoot at The Devil’s Pulpit, Finnich Glen happened exactly 1 year ago on Halloween and it was special to us in more ways in one…

      We first met David & Martyna a few years ago when they were guests at a wedding we were photographing and since then we’ve grown to become close friends. Martyna and Dave have also since gone on to become the uber-awesome ‘Wonderful and Strange’ (you can see their amazing wedding photography here!)

      Dave wanted to plan something unforgettable for his surprise proposal to Martyna so under the guise of a super-casual photo shoot and hang out at Finnich Glen / The Devil’s Pulpit we all jumped in the car and drove out to the highlands on a cold and crispy Autumn’s day.

      Right up to the very last moment Martyna didn’t suspect a thing and to be able to be there to capture such an emotional moment for our friends was a real honour.

      It was also an unforgettable day as it was the first time that we all suspected Joanna was pregnant! On the drive home we all secretly knew something was up when during the moment that David proposed to Martyna, Joanna was completely overwhelmed with emotion and broke down into tears.  Joanna is known to well up at weddings but this was next level!:)

      It’s a day that is close to our hearts and we feel very fortunate to have spent it with these two wonderful people.


      Hey! Beautiful photos! May I ask what camera do you use? 🙂 Thanks!

      Love the tones in your photographs