Our journey with wedding photography started from humble beginnings when we moved to Scotland in 2011 with just 1 camera between us and a dream.  Since then we have photographed over 350 weddings and elopements and travel regularly around the world capturing stories of couples that also share our vision. 

      Our goal is to apply everything we’ve learnt over the years through experience and trial and error to assist you in fast-tracking your wedding photography business and creativity.

      Whether you’re just beginning your path in wedding photography or you’re experienced and looking for a fresh perspective and some guidance to grow your business, our mentor sessions are tailored to suit your needs and get things moving in the right direction for you. 

      Video chat with screen share or in person.  For those looking to expand on specific areas of their business and creative approach in either photography or videography.

      Sessions can be 1 hour or 2 hours and we can discuss any topics including but not limited to:

      Workflow and editing / post-production
      Cameras, lenses, gear and technical
      Breaking into elopements and finding your ideal client 
      Lighting and cinematography techniques
      Storytelling techniques
      Achieving consistency in your work
      Portrait shoot techniques, capturing emotion and intimacy
      Portfolio review
      Marketing & SEO

      (A full list of all the photography equipment and gear we use here)


      Let me know where you're at and where you want to be!