One of the things we love about a Loch Garten elopement is the diversity of the landscape.  It’s amazing how the natural surroundings can play such a large part in the overall mood of the wedding day. We’re absolutely spoilt as elopement photographers to be discovering such beautiful locations such as this loch.

      Kelly and Alec are from the busy city of Los Angeles so instead of opting to elope in Scotland in front of the mountainous backdrops of locations like Glencoe or the Isle of Skye, they wanted their elopement to emphasise quietness, simplicity and an intimate & relaxed mood.

      They found a cottage deep in the Scottish highlands near a forest and arrived a few days earlier to explore the surroundings.  Soon enough they found a quiet location for their ceremony that felt special to them.

      After getting ready in the morning together, Kelly and Alec took a short walk through the forest to their ceremony spot.  Again we had the honour of collaborating on this Loch Garten Elopement with celebrant, Ian (who conducted this ceremony here).

      It was one of the most memorable and emotional ceremonies that we’ve had the honour of being a part of this year.  We can say too that there wasn’t a dry eye to be seen in front of (or behind) the camera. When they read out their ‘3 secrets’ that they both love and admire about each other, everyone lost it!
      In the late afternoon we walked over to a quiet loch and photographed away as the sun disappeared.

      We only met Kelly and Alec for the first time that morning but by the end of the day it was sad to be saying good bye.
      Sharing such an emotional day like this with two of the nicest people you can not help but form a connection.

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      Stuuning and amazing! That strory is really emotional.

      Just beautiful: the colours, the bride, the scenery, the emotions. Beautifully shot.

      Absolutely stuning, you’re the best, inspiration in every shot.

      This is so beautiful and I can vouch that this lovely couple are so much in love. The wedding is surreal, like a story picked from a fairytale that indeed has happiest ending. Already following you in instagram and this made my day more beautiful

      This set of photographs made me cry. It is absolutley the most incredible set of wedding photos I have ever seen, so raw and so emotional. What amazing photographers you are!!

      Beautifull story. Perfect photos.

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      so great you two!

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      There are lucky times in life when you get to experience something truly magical, special and that will forever be etched on your memory – this day seems like one of those. Beautifully captured my friends

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