Chloe & Stuart // A Beautiful Lake District Wedding.

“An outdoor vintage-themed home garden ceremony with tipis nestled between the rolling hills of the stunning Lake District”. If that doesn’t sound appealing to a wedding photographer, we don’t know what does.
Not only was Chloe and Stuart’s wedding a visual treat (which hopefully photos do justice to) but was a day jam-packed full of love, happy tears and outdoor games… nothing says fun more than a good old fashioned match of tug-of-war and an egg and spoon race.
Not even a late evening downpour and thunder storm was enough to put a damper of things with fire-roasted marshmallows, good-times and partying that continued late into the night.


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  • The dining area is on the main floor and there is a staircase to an open bar upstairs with several high tops scattered about for the event.
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