“We were wondering, do you have availability next summer, July 19 – 22? We’re planning on a Lundy Island wedding in the Bristol Channel (a pretty stunning place, if photographing windswept craggy landscapes are your kind of thing).”

      Um, YES that’s our kind of thing! We knew from the beginning that Chris and Meredith’s Lundy Island wedding was going to be something truly unique. Not only is Lundy Island one of the most breathtaking places in the UK that we’ve had the pleasure of visiting, but only a very small handful of weddings are actually allowed per year (around 5 I think).
      Chris and Meredith planned 4 days with only their closest friends and family from around the UK and the United States with nothing but each other, the wildlife and stunning landscape to explore. No phone signal, no emails, no TV, no distractions from the outside world… just good old-fashioned fun with the company of loved ones. In a special tribute, Meredith wore her Mum’s beautiful 1980’s vintage wedding dress for the moving church ceremony at Lundy’s St Helana’s Church before changing into a more “Lundy-Island-appropriate” dress for the afternoon.
      An evening of food, drinks and serious partying in an old converted barn continued well into the early hours of the morning… and as far as rustic barn venues go, this is as real as it gets! Only days before the wedding it was still knee-deep with hay and full of farm animals.
      Capturing Chris and Meredith’s wedding story was an experience that we will never forget and we can’t help but feel very fortunate to be able to visit places like this as well as hang out with such seriously amazing people!
      Yes, it sounds kind of cheesy but we really did leave a part of ourselves at this Lundy Island wedding and we have no doubts in our mind that this wont be the last time that we visit.
      The next day…

      absolutely beautiful. props to the couple for envisioning an event so gorgeous and simple, and brilliantly shot from start to finish!

      you captured all the emotions so beautifully… i’m touched.

      love love love it