Karlyn & Kaylee // Isle of Skye Wedding Photography

As the year comes to an end and we have time to look back on all the amazing Isle of Skye Wedding Photography stories and moments we’ve had the opportunity to have been a part of, one story from September on the Isle of Skye stays strong in our minds.
As photographers we’re very lucky to be able to travel around The Isle of Skye and Scotland for elopements and weddings and have seen some pretty mind-blowing places but the hidden gem that is the Fairy Glen is probably one of our new all time favorite locations simply for the beauty and diversity of the surrounding landscape… this place feels truly special and inspiring to say the least. Even more special is the fact that these two beautiful human beings flew all the way from the United States with their daughter, family and close friends to tie the knot there.
After a very personal and emotional ceremony, we spent time exploring some of the jaw-dropping surroundings of the Fairy Glen before making our way back for some evening ceilidh dancing just as the rain started to set in.
As always with this line of work, we make a connection with some amazing people and are a part of one of the most important days of their life and it’s sometimes difficult to have to say goodbye to these people as the day comes to a close… Kaylee and Karyln were two of these people and we wish them nothing but happiness for their future together.

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Venue: Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye
Dress: Chris Riley Bridal

  • emma said:

    I had to remind myself to breathe as I looked through these, absolutely stunning, all of it.

  • This wedding is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.
    Emotions, real bond, feelings, love...

    Thank you for this sharing <3

  • Omg !!!! So emotional wedding ! Anf amazing work!! Perfect ! <3

  • Erin Barnes said:

    A beautiful day with our favorite beautiful people <3 thank you for capturing the magic of it all.

  • Karis said:

    You guys. These are crazy ridiculous amazingly beautiful!!! Gorgeous work and gorgeous women. And man if this doesn't make me want to hop on a plane and fly back. ♥️♥️

  • Lee said:

    I'm sorry if this is a strange request, but do you happen to know who designed the dress in the Karyln & Kaylee wedding? Or where she got it from? It is absolutely stunning and the photos are just breathtaking!


    All the best,

    • Kaylee Labor said:

      Hi, Lee! Thank you so much! My gown was made by Chris Riley :)

  • Emma said:

    Absolutely beautiful, these photos just take your breath away!

  • Wanda Atwood said:

    Magical! Thank you for capturing these moments of my daughters. Really was a "fairy tale" wedding, and the Fairy Glen added the perfect setting. Your work is outstanding and I will always cherish these photos~

  • Sophie said:

    Stunningly beautiful photography...the way you captured the raw emotion...absolutely gorgeous!

  • Frances said:

    oh my gosh! everything about this! <3

    also, her dress! It's perfection! where is it from?

  • Jane said:

    WOW! Just WOW! These photos are just breath taking! <3 Absolutely beautiful couple! Wish u all the best!

    • Thank you Genevieve! Totally agree about Kaylee's dress, it's stunning!

  • Oh wow, can't find the words. Such a beautiful couple, such amazing pictures.

  • WOW. That is amazing, both the photography and the setting. Totally blown away!

  • I'm crying in front of my computer ! OMG this is intense and stunning ! Each picture is even better than the previous one. Congratulations for such a talent ! I'm in OWE !

  • What a beautiful wedding!! Just amazing, you captured it so well! <3

  • Karen Lazowski said:

    I don't know either of these beautiful women but the photographs moved me to tears. May be the most beautiful wedding pics I've ever soon. The Fairy Glen, the authenticity, traditions and the love eminanting from the photos is evident.

    • Thank you Karen, there's nothing more beautiful than two people in love!

  • SouVereign said:

    I'm so deeply moved - this are the most beautiful wedding photos I've ever saw. What a phantastic loving vibrancy - and I'm in tears that a lot of people can't marry this way because in their nations it's forbidden. We have to move on forward - stand up for your rights now for becoming as happy as you both. My best wishes for your future <3

  • Alva said:

    Words can't describe how these stunning pictures make me feel. There are tears and smiling and my artistic side is just blown away. I wish you both all the best for your life together. May which ever god(s) you prefer always let the sun shine upon the two of you. Greetings from a small celtic soul in southern Germany.

  • Your work is unbelievably good. What a fabulous wedding - well done and thanks for sharing!

  • Magnifique reportage j'aime particulierment le traitement noir&blanc

  • Angela said:

    I am a photographer and photo editor and I adore these images. I can't stop looking at them. Stunning images. Stunning couple!

  • Myriam said:

    it's just a bomb of emotions! wow! just beautiful. Very inspiring.
    And i'm looking forward to come back to Skye this year.

  • Amy said:

    Stunning. I've recently returned from Skye, damn, this makes me want to go back and shoot a wedding there. You've captured perfectly the moody beautiful of the island, and the couple are just beautiful. Pleased to have found your website via a blog, really enjoying looking at your work.

  • Bob Low said:

    As amazing and breathtaking as the scenery and location are, the beauty in this intimate moment of love transcends words. We are lucky to have a chance at this little window of view, so thank you to Karyln & Kaylee. And your work is incredible, Kitcheners.

  • Megan said:

    Would you mind giving the name of the cottage they stayed in and had their small reception? Everything was absolutely beautiful!

  • Fran Gershwing said:

    W.O.W!! This is so absolutely gorgeous, as gorgeous can be!!
    God bless Karlyn & Kaylee to make them happy like this 4-evah!! :-)

  • Nicola said:

    So so beautiful!

  • Tasha said:

    My I ask where Karlyn found her kilt?
    Absolutely stunning and magical looking wedding. Congrats to you both.

  • Angie said:

    Just stumbled onto a single picture from your wedding on a Buzzfeed list about getting married in Scotland. I immediately had to search for more. This is the most beautiful wedding album I've ever seen, and made me openly cry at work. My soon to be wife's entire family is from Scotland, she's 2nd generation American. She is incredibly proud of her heritage, and we definitely want our wedding to be as Scottish as possible! Haha. The kilts, scenery, the hand fasting everything is just wonderful. Congratulations to you both! I wish you a lifetime of happiness <3

  • Ariel said:

    Just WOW. These are absolutely stunning. I am in awe.

  • Bridget said:

    I Love this wedding!

  • duesudue said:

    Amazing pics! For sure the location is also wonderfull!

  • Such stunning photos! The happy couple looks absolutely beautiful. Congrats to them; we wish them well!

  • Celeste said:

    I would just like to say that these are the most incredible wedding photos I've ever seen. I DREAM of having a wedding like this with a girl that I love. The scenery is beautiful, I love the handfasting, and the clothes are magical! I'm actually crying right now. I wish you guys well