I’ll never forget the last elopement I photographed here and every time I return to photograph an Isle of Skye Destination Wedding I’m discovering something new about this magical part of the world.

      This emotional wedding took place late last year on a rainy and overcast day when the ferns turn gold, the landscape transitions into an earthy-coloured canvas and the island begins to slow down before winter arrives.

      Nicole and Gustav packed their bags and travelled all the way from Los Angeles to tie the knot in a place where they could leave behind their busy lives in the entertainment industry and spend time with the people that meant so much to them.

      I met Nicole and Gustav the day before their wedding and one thing I could immediately see was the passion they had for life, each other and their loved ones. .. such kind and humble people!

      After talking to some of their family members and getting to know one another a little I also learned that the past couple of years had been extremely difficult with the sudden passing of a very close family member.  I knew their wedding in Scotland was going to be extremely emotional for them and for their family.One moment that I’ll never forget happened during the morning preparations… Nicole’s grandmother who passed away some time ago left behind a necklace that held great sentimental value to Nicole and for many years it went sadly missing. Something incredible happened because just as Nicole’s Mum was packing her bags for Scotland she discovered the missing necklace and brought it with her to Scotland to surprise Nicole on her wedding day.

      The moving moment when Nicole’s Mum surprised her with her Grandma’s necklace to wear on her wedding day and she erupted in tears was one that is impossible to forget.

      It’s a day that makes me smile when I think about it and I’m really happy that I can finally share this beautiful story with you! Nicole and Gustav’s emotional Isle of Skye Destination wedding at the Fairy Glen.

      Hair & Makeup // Skye Beauty Salon & Amm Team
      Dress // Odylyne The Ceremony


      THESE ARE AMAZING. So magical!

      Great work! Best wedding pictures i`ve ever seen bevore. Every single picture is so emotional. Congrats

      OH MY WORD!!! incredible stuff.

      Amazing vibes and colours on pictures are the best

      So much emotion was captured in your photos! Love all of them! Great work! And what a beautiful place to get married!

      I literally held my breath looking at these and found myself smiling too. I’ve not been so moved in a long time. I hope one day to be as talented as you, and also get such beautiful couples.
      You guys are my hero. I need to save up to do a workshop with you!!

      Amazing photos, and we love all the post! Congrats

      Every single part of every single picture is beautiful. You have a way of making the world look peaceful, alive and dreamlike. Love your work!

      Wow, I have been following you guys for a while, so thought I should comment 🙂 Your work is incredible and very inspiring. I love seeing your new blogs.

      these are so captivatingly beautiful! where did the reception take place?

      Every single frame is so so beautiful. So much emotion captured.

      Bravo! Absolutely stunning!

      I always feel the emotion in your photos, I love the amazing work you guys put out. So grateful to get to see your stories!!

      Time after time you create the most sensual intimate emotional work. I am in awe of your talent. I am secretly hoping you will one day come to Aeroe to document an elopement. Would love to see our little island through your eyes and camera 🙂

      I have never got so emotional over looking at pictures! Truly stunning work guys

      I cried almost at every single picture. This is so beautiful and intimate! I wish you more couples like this

      So so so good guys! Absolutely ridiculous.

      Really, just stumbled upon this and these photos left me very much emotional. Thank you for your work.

      What a beautiful love story! Thank you for sharing x

      In awe, as always. Your work is always captures emotion in the most indescribable way. It’s palpable and stunning.

      Thank you so much for the kind words Jordan! Hope you and Trevor and looking after each-other and keeping well! 🙂

      This is so beautiful guys. Wow!

      Thanks as always mate! I’m sure you recognise some of these spots 🙂

      In half of these photos I swore I was looking at Angelina Jolie, Nicole is her long lost twin!

      I particularly love how you captured everyone’s expressions and personalities, I shared their emotions as I went along with the photo story.

      Excellent work you guys! 🙂

      Omg, I was thinking the same thing!! She’s gorgeous.

      Thank you so much Lucci! Haha yes I can definitely see a resemblance! I always try and make the effort to get to know close family members a bit as they are an important part of the day! Really helps in capturing their personalities and emotions. 🙂

      Oh my, the sweetest, most gorgeous, love overfilled, stunningly beautiful day! Thank you for sharing, filled my heart.

      That’s so nice of you to say Emma! Thank you so much!

      It’s always lovely to stumble across your blogs. Amazing work as always and very refreshing.

      This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I felt so inspired by these pictures, so in love and enchanted! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

      Gee thanks so much Marcia!! Thank you for taking the time to check out our work 🙂 x

      Such beautiful work, as always, Dylan. Love the storytelling and emotion you captured. Fantastic!!

      Thanks so much guys! You need to come to Scotland!!:)

      Wow. Just wow. This wedding is so beautiful and just really amazing. Not only that but they now have gorgeous beautiful images to remember this great day. These photos are the most touching and nicest thing I have seen this week. Thank you, you are an inspiration! Surely you already know this, but: Well done!!

      Wow thank you so much for your kind words Brigi! It really means so much to us that these photos touched you and thank you for following our work! x