It’s been a super-busy couple of months for us and we’ve got soooo many new stories from all over England, Europe and the USA that we want to share so we’re going to start with this intimate DIY outdoor wedding in France from back in April.

      Our personal story with these two amazing people and French wedding photographers, Robby and Marina began just over 2 years ago when we met them for the first time in Scotland and unbeknown to Marina, Robby had organised a surprise photo-shoot (with us) in the Scottish Highlands. Marina also found out later that day that Robby had also planned a marriage proposal during the photo-shoot!  Link to this amazing story here.

      Ever since this amazing and unforgettable experience (one that we still reminisce about to this day) we feel very fortunate to be able to call these guys our friends and it’s been amazing to get to know these guys over the last couple of years.

      To be asked to photograph their wedding in Alsace, France was a great honour.

      Having already met Robby and Marina’s parents and brother and sister, one thing we knew before photographing their wedding day was that family was extremely important to them and the moments shared between them and their families was what mattered most. (Fun fact: Robby’s Father was once photographed by Henri Cartier-Bresson.)

      It was a super emotional day with a morning ‘first look’ in the forest that we will never forget and a tearfully moving speech from Robby and Marina’s brother and sister during the ceremony. Also, hats off to Nessa B from La Mariée Aux Pieds Nus and Sophia Ferreira for bringing this venue to life with their incredible floral arrangements and decorations.

      One last thing that we can say about the French is that they know how to party! The dance floor was bouncing into the early hours of the morning to  ‘Dance Police’ and it felt great to be able to put our cameras down and join in on the fun.

      Congratulations Robby and Marina! We love you guys and we hope to see you both again in Scotland real soon.

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