It’s been a crazy-busy few months that have taken us to Italy, France, Morocco, Poland and all around Scotland.  We can’t wait to share a load of new stories soon.  For now we’re going to start with this sweet Scotland marriage proposal story of Manon and George at Glencoe!

      This year I spent an unforgettable day with two beautiful souls from Australia, Manon and George.

      Manon and George planned a month-long European vacation and made a stop in Scotland to commemorate 7 years of togetherness with some photos in the Scottish highlands. The day started in Edinburgh with a few cuddles in their apartment before we left for the highlands.

      Moments before we left the apartment George showed me a ring in a specially crafted box that he’d smuggled over with him on the plane.  He filled me in on his secret plan to propose to Manon later in the day!

      A Marriage Proposal I’ll Never Forget

      Since the very beginning of their relationship, whenever it was time for a present (Christmas, birthdays) George would always joke that Manon would get coal. However, as luck would have it, he would always have the most thoughtful gifts waiting for her. As such, coal became a lovely metaphor for his gifts over time. With that in mind, he thought that for this ultimate gift, a piece of coal would be the perfect way to present the ring to her. He had sculpted a ring box to look like a piece of coal and 3D printed it with the help of a prop maker in Sydney!

      The moment George presented the ring to Manon was one that I can never forget as a Scotland marriage proposal photographer. Scroll down to see it for yourself.

      Documenting the Scotland marriage proposal that two people will remember forever is a rewarding feeling.  Knowing that they will look back at these photos and feel the same feeling that they experienced on that day is truly special.

      After 7 years of evolving as a photographer and as a person, I’ve never felt more grateful to be doing what I’m doing.

      Fotograf ślub wesele

      So beautiful

      Have been following your work for a few years now and love your creativity and emotion. I would love to engage you when the time comes for my daughter who lives in Edinburgh and me in Australia.
      Thank you, Anne

      This is absolutely touching. Such a thoughtful gesture to make the box into the shape of a piece of coal 🙂

      Someone just sent me a link to these photos and boy am I ever glad I got to see these!! These are stunning. Absolutely fantastic. I love every single shot.

      Stunning pictures. Very beautiful couple

      This is such a beautiful set of images. Great work.

      Absolutly lovely, great pictures. Good job!

      We’ve been following you for years and years … and you continue to amaze us. The beauty which perspires in every single image. Their smiles. The tones of love and incredible joy they seem to share.

      You guys are amazing ! Y&M

      I could actually hear the laughter as I scrolled! You have such a gifted skill at telling a story. Your ability to freeze these moments in time is unreal! They have their very own romance in illustrated form! Bravo and we’ll done! Thank-You for sharing these.

      You have a good color, but I do not see the story in your recent work. But it was! I will always be your biggest fan, and I want to see more meaning than before

      Gorgeous pics. Love it. But waaaay too many.

      Woooow every blog you post I feel more amazed by than by the previous! Love the emotions on the face and how you capture how these people are. You rock!

      Wow, this is bloody incredible! Every image, fantastic!!!

      These words and images tell such a genuine and lovely story. Wonderful work 🙂

      This is magical! Absolutely amazing!

      Absolutely breathtaking work. You can feel the emotions! And what a lovely and fun couple! Your photography is truly inspiring. Thank you. 🙂

      this is so, so simple but beautiful! You are incredible! Your photos are so emotional and inspiring! Love your work… thank you for sharing it.

      This is so incredibly beautiful!