Looking back and reminiscing over this elegant Copenhagen city wedding carries a whole new meaning right now and it brings a smile to my face just thinking about my time there.  We have so many special memories in Copenhagen and it is a city we’re fortunate to travel to every year to photograph elopements and weddings.

      Just like most people out there right now (that are able to), we’re doing our part and staying home. We also recently welcomed our 2nd child, Gustav into the world so one positive to come out of the current situation is that we can pause our lives and share this time at home together with both of our boys.  Another positive is that we can finally share some wedding stories over the next few weeks! For real this time!

      We’re going to start with the summer Copenhagen city wedding of Ryan and Sibylle.  These guys travelled all the way from their home in England to tie the knot in front of their close friends and family in a city that holds a lot of meaning for them for many reasons. Both Ryan and Sibylle are extremely talented artists so being asked to be the one to document their day was a real honour for me.

      The day kicked off on a bright and sunny morning in Copenhagen city centre with a relaxed atmosphere as Sibylle got ready at the 71 Nyhavn Hotel on the harbour.  An intimate ceremony followed just outside of the city at a lighthouse on the Cliffside before everyone jumped on a bus to spend a bit of time admiring the works at the impressive Louisiana Modern Art Museum (highly recommend checking it out if you get a chance to visit Copenhagen).  The day finished back in the Copenhagen city centre at Apollo Bar with some incredible food and dancing into the night.

      I hope you enjoy Ryan and Sibylle’s Copenhagen city wedding and I’m looking forward to sharing more over the next few weeks.


      Fantastic photos, I found them very inspirational. Elegance through simplicity and focus on emotions. Great work! 🙂

      To be honest I’m at work now, it’s 9:46 and I can not stop watching those pictures! Three more tabs open to check, hope my boss won’t appear anywhere close to me soon ;D It’s so beautiful! I really would love to get married again so I can have such a beautiful photos myself <3 Best regars!

      haha, thank you Agnieszka! 🙂

      I could’t stop watching, just great work

      Great location and very nice photo session. Your pictures inspired me.


      So stunning … I literally have butterflies in my stomach when I look at those pictures.

      The story telling on this wedding is off the charts. Hope you guys are doing well 🙂

      Great location and photos! 🙂

      You never fail to inspire us.