Jodi & Zach // Pre-Wedding Video Story in Scotland

We’ll be sharing Zach and Jodi’s intimate wedding in the Scottish Highlands very soon but first we want to share the prequel and it comes in the form of a video story.

The day before Zach and Jodi’s wedding I spent a bit of time with these two incredible people exploring the beautiful surroundings of the highlands and they also shared a few of their own thoughts and experiences about love, life and the story of how they met.

Not only are Zach and Jodi two wonderful and genuine people but they are very talented photographers based on Colorado (

I had an awesome time hanging out with these guys and we all even built up the courage to jump into a cold loch!

Capturing love stories in the form of video is a new passion of mine and I can’t wait to be documenting more all Scotland and Europe in 2019.

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  1. Aunt Connie Gregory says:

    so beautiful, so sweet,so uplifting. Two special angels found each other.

  2. Incredible. Can’t wait to see the photos guys. You’re such a massive source of inspiration!

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