When we first met Laura and Damian for a coffee and they filled us in on the details of their last-minute Secret Loch Coruisk Wedding, we knew we were in for a special and unique experience. A road trip in an Austen Healey sports car to the remote village of Elgol, a private boat to the gorgeous Lock Coruisk and a 30 minute hike to an intimate ceremony location situated deep within mountainous terrain was all planned just weeks before… in complete secrecy!
      Being totally excited, we spent the next week checking weather forecasts and crossing our fingers for some sunshine and blue skies but what we ended up with was even better!  Dramatic overcast skies, constant drizzle and a white shroud of fog only added to the mood and atmosphere of this romantic wedding story.
      The day kicked off with a hearty breakfast and a letter written to one another before slowly getting ready to take a short drive to Elgol harbour.
      Dressed in raincoats and sailing through rough and rocky waters in a small boat towards Loch Coruisk, we had the pleasure of witnessing some of Scotland’s most beautiful and untouched landscape. As we passed by a small island colony of seals with hardly any civilization in sight, it was difficult not to get lost in the moment and forget about a busy life that felt so far away.
      Spending two days away with Laura and Damian and witnessing their romantic Isle of Skye elopement ceremony was up there with one of the most memorable experiences we’ve had as photographers and we feel privileged to be a part of it.
      If you enjoyed this story you might enjoy this special elopement here photographed on a different (but equally as romantic) location on Skye!

      The next day at Elgol Harbour…



      Amazing photography. Does anyone know the name of the tartan Damian has?

      My ultimate dream. One day I will leave Devon behind.

      Really incredible work in an awesome place, if only more people had adventurous wedding like this!

      This is such a beautiful photo shoot. One of the best I have seen in a long while. Absolutely breathtaking.

      Love it. The dim highlands can be so romantic!!!

      Atypical & so GORgeous
      nature · wedding!!
      Simply superb**

      This is one of the best session i ever seen! Thank u so much!

      Truely amazing! Their story, and the way you’ve captured it.

      This is so beautiful. I love what you do. Consider yourself followed.

      alice @ notahairdresser.blogspot.co.uk

      Its so calm, so romantic… and so different.. i am amazed

      tears…. so beautiful

      photos like these can leave people speechless. and they just did.

      I feel like I just watched a stunning, romantic, windswept, Oscar winning movie. Beautiful.