Words wouldn’t be enough to describe what incredibly warm, hospitable and genuine people Alexandra and Paul are and we feel so, so fortunate to have the opportunity to meet people like this through our experiences as a Normandy wedding photographer.
      We seriously love photographing in France whenever we can and you have a spare minute you can check out another wedding we shot there recently, right here.
      These guys and their amazing families invited us to stay with them at their family home, Le Bois Des Moutiers, Normandy and we have to admit that it was difficult to have to say good-bye after 4 days.
      When we look back at their day and the moments captured, we can’t help but smile and feel happiness for Alexandra and Paul and their love for one another and their family and friends.
      As a Normandy wedding photographer, this is a day that we will be reminiscing about for years to come.

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      Absolutely amazing.

      i can’t help to post comment that was incredibly amazing!!!!!

      I said it before and I will forever keep saying it: Your photo’s are truly magnificent and life-changing. I hope that, one day, I get to be just as good as you guys are. So beautiful!! 🙂

      Thank you so much for your lovely words Hannah! It honestly means a lot to us. xx

      Alexandra Roucheray

      Thank you so much guys ! We can’t stop looking at your photos again and again ! Our Day will live forever thank to you !

      Guys, we will never forget your wedding day! It was one of the most beautiful days we’ve had the pleasure of being a part of. Thank you once again for your amazing kindness and we look forward to seeing you again either in Scotland, Poland or France 😉

      The amount of times I’ve come back to this wedding, the light the gentle moments, it so incredibly perfect.

      Thanks so much Hugh, it really means a lot.x

      This is such a breathtaking shoot! Do you have any favourite lenses, or editing tips that are your go to? These photos are so inspiring.

      Caroline Skadhauge

      This is just amazing Joanna and Dylan. You take the most emotional, beautiful, photographs I have ever seen.

      Every single one of it is so PRETTY and full of emotion.

      Just Perefct, light, frames, emotions
      Amazing guys

      These are so incredible. What a beautiful story you’ve told with their wedding photos.

      Boum!! Superbe!!

      Breathtaking. So wonderful. Off to look at them all again.

      Artistically simple yet stunningly beautiful.

      what an amazing wedding and beautiful images!

      Unreal! That dancing shot with the light coming through is sooooo good!

      Insanely beautiful!!