Glencoe wedding phtographers

      A few weeks ago Zach and Jodi, two talented wedding photographers from Colorado, got in touch to fill us in on their plans to road trip around Scotland and invited us to join them as they made their way through Glencoe.

      The story began with all of us huddled in the car while we waited for a sudden and unexpected storm to make it’s way through Glencoe but when things started to settle down we set off for Glen Etive! Later in the afternoon and after a bit of exploring, Zach quickly filled me in on his super top-secret plan to propose to Jodi.

      Not too long after, we spotted a quiet spot on a bit of high ground and made our way there super-excited for the awesome moment that was about to unfold!  As the rain started to slowly fall, the moment finally came… Zach quietly pulled out a hand-written note that he had been hiding in his pocket and handed it to Jodi.  I don’t know what it said but judging by Jodi’s reaction it did the trick as the answer was a super massive ‘YES’!

      Being present for such a meaningful moment in Zach and Jodi’s life is something that we’re grateful to be a part of! Getting to know these two incredibly kind, genuine people and witnessing the connection that they shared with one another was truly inspiring and we wish these guys all the best for their new adventures together.


      Such beautiful shots!!! I’ve seen a lot of engagement and wedding pics but you did an AMAZING job of capturing the emotions of the day!!! Xoxoxoxo

      Breathtaking photographs, so much raw emotion captured. This is by far the most beautiful engagement shoot I have ever seen. Thanks for the good cry and gorgeous work that you do,

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      Truly lovely, everything about this!

      Such a lovely couple!!

      Incredible. So much emotion. Beautiful images of a beautiful moment.

      I never really cry over engagement or wedding photos. I, of course, follow a lot of photographers that do them and think they are beautiful and how much talent it takes to do what you do. Hear me when I say that I bawled over these photos. You captured her emotion and it hit me to the core. Thank you for doing what you do in the way that you do, and remember how important your work is. These are hands down my favourite photos I’ve seen of an engagement session. Outstanding.

      Such beautiful work. Absolutely breathtaking.

      Can’t thank you guys enough for capturing this day! We love how they turned out!