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Djamo & YasminIntimate Wedding in Morocco

Intimate Wedding in Morocco
We wanted to take a step back to last year when we experienced for the first time a beautiful wedding in Morocco. As wedding photographers it’s always inspiring visiting a new destination, soaking in the life, colour, light, people and ambience of such an exotic place. After a few days getting lost in the hustle of bustle of the busy souks of Marrakesh, we took a jour[...]

Pre-Wedding Video in ScotlandEijing & Diana

Pre-Wedding Video in Scotland
A wee sneak peek of something I'm working on at the moment. Malaysian lovers, Eijing and Diana travelled to Scotland to document their pre-wedding video story in the highlands and it was all kinds of epic. I had an unforgettable time hanging out in the highlands creating with these guys and I'm looking forward to sharing more soon!

Loch An Eilein WeddingZach & Jodi

Loch An Eilein Wedding We hope everyone out there has had a super start to the year!  We’re pretty stoked to be finally sharing the Loch An Eilein wedding of Zach and Jodi, two very special people that we first met and crossed paths with 2 years ago during their travels in Scotland.  While travelling through the Scottish highlands, Zach surprised Jodi with a han[...]

James & Ashley // A Love Story In Scotland

James & Ashley // A Love Story In Scotland
Sometimes you have to stop talking about things and just get out there and bloody do it! As a person that likes to create stuff I always wonder what more I’m capable of so back in March I picked up a video camera and spent some time in the cold and windy Scottish highlands with two very special people and friends, James and Ashley. These two very talented photograp[...]

Loch An Eilein Elopement // Kat & Huw

Loch An Eilein Elopement // Kat & Huw
This gorgeous Loch An Eilein elopement that I photographed back in September proves that you don’t need much to get married.  Just a wee cottage by a loch, a gorgeous forest nearby and most importantly, each other. Early last month two beautiful human beings, Kat & Huw made their way up from England to elope in a quiet part of the Scottish highlands. They rente[...]