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Eilean Shona Elopement

The emotional Eilean Shona elopement of two good souls, Ananda and Ryan is a story that I hold very close to my heart.

Ananda and Ryan visited Scotland once many years ago and LOVED it! So much so that they decided that this would be the place to celebrate their marriage in their own special way.

They originally got in touch with me in 2020 when they were living in Australia. But due to certain world events they had to put their elopement plans at Eilean Shona on the backburner.

Eventually when the world opened up again they decided to take things a step further and make Scotland their home. They packed their bags to start a new life in Edinburgh. Since then we have become friends so it was a really nice to be able to document their Eilean Shona elopement for them.

They chose Eilean Shona for the incredible scenery but also for privacy. Situated in the middle of a loch on a small island, it really is a special feeling to be there.

Their home on Eilean Shona was the Old Schoolhouse and this is where their elopement story took place. The Old Schoolhouse is situated on a secluded part of Eilean Shona island and with incredible views literally right on the doorstep, they didn’t have to travel far for their elopement ceremony.

They spent a quiet and relaxing morning hanging out together and writing their elopement vows before slowly getting ready upstairs. Eventually it was time for their first look before heading outside for their ceremony. It was such a beautiful moment to witness as Ryan and Ananda couldn’t hold their tears back.

They walked outside together to a spot a few meters away from the house and were greeted by the wonderful Andrea, Soulful Celebrant. Andrea performed one of the most beautiful, deep and emotional ceremonies I’ve ever been a part of. It was easy to say that she was the perfect celebrant for Ananda and Ryan. There were no shortage of tears as both Ananda and Ryan read some of the most incredibly moving vows to one another. It was pure magic.

Afterwards they cracked open a bottle of red wine, tucked into a small feast inside the house and enjoyed some time together.

We then went for a walk outside and took some photos as the sun slowly started to disappear.

It was a day I’ll never forget and I hope you enjoy their moving elopement at the Old Schoolhouse on Eilean Shona island.

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