Lyndsey & Keith // Iceland elopement

We were looking forward to photographing this Iceland elopement wedding for what felt like forever and we’re so happy that we can finally share this beautiful story today.
Lyndsey and Keith (of the amazing Hunter Press) both live in Scotland but like us, they share a joint passion for the great outdoors and breathtaking scenery.
These guys have explored Iceland numerous times and Keith even proposed at Raufarhólshellir lava cave, so this dramatic landscape was the perfect backdrop for their relaxed elopement wedding spent with only their closest family members at Budir church on the Snaefellsnes peninsula.
We feel like we say this every week about everyone we meet but Lyndsey and Keith were two of the most warmest and kindest people we’ve hung out with and it honestly makes our job a pleasure to be able to capture stories like this.
Witnessing and capturing two people so very genuinely in-love is probably one of the most rewarding parts of what we do.Iceland elopement photographer_0161Iceland elopement photographer_0175Iceland elopement photographer_0174Iceland elopement photographer_0170Iceland elopement photographer_0177Iceland elopement photographer_0013Iceland elopement photographer_0027Iceland elopement photographer_0163Iceland elopement photographer_0166Iceland elopement photographer_0168Iceland elopement photographer_0165Iceland elopement photographer_0159Iceland elopement photographer_0001Iceland elopement photographer_0164Iceland elopement photographer_0181Iceland elopement photographer_0180Iceland elopement photographer_0171Iceland elopement photographer_0179

  • Paola said:

    Just amazing! Your pictures are so intimate and heartwarming.

    • TheKitcheners said:

      Thank-you Paola x

    • TheKitcheners said:

      Thank-you Ruth :)

  • Millie said:

    Magic work Joanna + Dylan, you said they were the 'warmest and kindest people' and thats what I saw when I looked at these images.

    • TheKitcheners said:

      Thank-you so much Millie!! Your words mean a lot to us :) :) xx

    • TheKitcheners said:

      Thanks Petar :)

    • TheKitcheners said:

      Thank-you Chris! Appreciate it :)

  • Glenn said:

    You guys! This seriously rocked!

    • TheKitcheners said:

      Thanks Glenn x

  • Robby said:

    I know I'm biased but it is the most beautiful story I had the occassion to see!
    Thank you for this inspiration and emotion

  • Margaret Davidson said:

    Hi Guy's

    Your photograph's are out standing.

    Thank-you from all the family for making it an extra special day to remember.

    Keith's Mum

  • Wow.....these are just gorgeous :)
    Beautiful pictures, beautiful landscape and beautiful couple ! I got married at Budakirkja in september 12 years ago and I have a summerhouse at Hellnar.
    all the best from Iceland,
    Kristín Vald :)

  • Louise Gibbens said:

    Utterly breathtaking. I'm moved by every image. X

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  • WhatKnot said:

    Goosebumps! Awesomely captured the moments....while seeing these beautiful photos I feel like it is real...Fabulous work.