Loch An Eilein Elopement // Kat & Huw

This gorgeous Loch An Eilein elopement that I photographed back in September proves that you don’t need much to get married.  Just a wee cottage by a loch, a gorgeous forest nearby and most importantly, each other.

Early last month two beautiful human beings, Kat & Huw made their way up from England to elope in a quiet part of the Scottish highlands. They rented a small stone cottage by a loch and let the day unfold at their own pace.

It was a chilly morning so after throwing some wood in the fireplace they started their morning off reading some letters written by friends and family and then slowly got ready together.  Huw even busted out a bit of saxophone before we left the cottage and made our way to a special ceremony spot in a nearby forest that Kat and Huw had found the day prior.  There wasn’t a soul in sight so it was just us and the sounds of the trees moving in the wind.

After reading some really moving and thoughtful words to one another we spent the afternoon exploring some of the most beautiful landscapes Scotland has to offer.  We experienced everything during this Loch An Eilein elopement from sunshine to a light rain shower as the sun disappeared behind the mountains.

They did it their way and it was nothing short of perfect.