We hope everyone out there has had a super start to the year!  We’re pretty stoked to be finally sharing the Loch An Eilein wedding of Zach and Jodi, two very special people that we first met and crossed paths with 2 years ago during their travels in Scotland.  While travelling through the Scottish highlands, Zach surprised Jodi with a hand-written letter and a ring during their photo-shoot and we were we to capture this beautiful moment (you can see this emotional story here).

      It was this adventure that started Zach and Jodi’s love affair with Scotland and this time around they wanted to return to the place that meant so much to them and experience it all over again together with their closest friends and family.

      Spending quality time with the ones they love in a totally relaxed way was very important to them so they rented an old house full of history and character (Inshriach House) and made it their base to experience the beautiful surroundings of Loch An Eilein together.  With it’s cosy and rich interior, plentiful space, amazing kitchen and intimate dining area, it’s the closest thing you can experience to a home away from home!

      We kicked things off the day before their wedding with a pre-wed video story shoot at Loch An Eilein exploring the deeper meaning of their relationship and reminiscing on the events and experiences that led up to this chapter in their lives.

      On a typical Scottish autumns morning, their wedding day began at the house, arranging flowers, baking and enjoying good food.  It was fun, relaxed and everyone was included in creating the day.  Later in the day when everyone was ready we all made our way towards a nearby forest to be a part of one of the most emotional and meaningful ceremonies we’ve photographed.  There was no shortage of happy tears, laughter and beautiful words spoken by everyone present. Their faith, friends and family mean the world to them and nobody held back with the emotion they felt.

      Simply being around Zach and Jodi is such a positive experience and they’re the kind of people that give out nothing but good energy and good vibes.  They’re genuinely passionate about life, love and people and it really shows in their amazing photography work back home in their new home of Colorado.

      We feel thankful to know these guys and to have shared so many beautiful moments with them over the past couple of years and we hope you enjoy their Loch An Eilein wedding day in the always-giving Scottish highlands. (also, more couples with hats please!:) )


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      Awesome story, light and feeling. Inspirational. Thanks!

      Awesome story, light and feeling. Inspirational. Thanks!

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      Awesome story, light and feeling. Inspirational. Thanks!

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